Access to Buildings and Classroom Areas

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All areas of the school building are accessible by all children and their parents / carers.  These areas are detailed below:

Building Features
Main Building and Entrance The main entrance to the Nursery is via a ramp. The entrance door is a double door which can be opened wide enough for wheelchair and double buggy access.

All classroom areas have flat entrance/exits with wide doors.

Disabled toilet facilities are available for both adults and children. These may need to be refurbished in the future.

Corridors are wide enough for wheelchairs to be used.

Doors have low fitted handles.

Fire exits are either flat or via a ramp.

Noise/acoustic levels within the hall areas are being monitored; with the possibility of some sound absorbers being installed.

Access to Outdoor Area Available for all children. Access is available via a ramp. The outdoor play area is sloped in places and there is a slight level change where the safety surface meets the tarmac. There is a distinct colour difference.
Wild Area Slightly uneven surface so wheelchair access may be limited. As this is a wild area, bushes are quite close together, limiting wheelchair manoeuvrability. This needs to be reviewed.
Sensory/Planter Garden Garden can be accessed by all children. Surface is level.
Meadow Area Accessed via a gate, path is level. Meadow area has slopes and hidden pathways.
Entrance Paths The pedestrian walkway is tarmaced and flat.
Car Park Accessed through a large double gate. Car park c is marked out and there is provision for disabled parking.   The centre area of the car park retains the original cobbles and so is uneven; making wheelchair access difficult.   The building is Listed and the cobbles cannot be removed.