Curriculum Access for Children with SEND

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Our aim is that children with disabilities should as far as possible have access to a full and broad curriculum, similar to that followed by their peers.

As a Resourced Nursery provision, the school has successfully supported children with a range of disabilities including hearing and visual impairments, physical disabilities and learning difficulties of varying degrees. Decisions are taken on an individual basis following a full assessment of a child’s needs. Such assessment is carried out within the terms of the school’s SEND Policy and guidelines on assessing children who may have Special Educational Needs.

Access to the curriculum is a key issue for consideration at the stage of admission, transition within the school or when a disability develops. The Individual Support Plan for the child will address the issue, which will therefore be kept under constant review.

Advice is sought from the appropriate external agencies. Support can come in a variety of formats and may include:

  • Input from external professionals and agencies
  • Technological enhancements – induction loops, ICT
  • Adaptation of teaching materials
  • Specialist Equipment

The School’s ICT network provides access to children in all areas. Effective use of these facilities can ameliorate difficulties of mobility and sight impairment in particular.

Furniture, seating arrangements and the nursery areas can be altered to facilitate access and learning. Some specialist equipment is permanently located in the Resourced room.

In conjunction with the School’s SENCO, staff will assess a child’s need for support with assessment procedures. This will include both internal assessment procedures and external assessment such as those associated with EP assessment, ADOS assessment, SALT assessment.

The school’s policy on Learning and Teaching incorporates advice for staff on supporting disabled pupils. The school has an on-going programme of staff development related to meeting the needs of different learners. Specific training on the needs of children with hearing or sight impairment and those with specific learning difficulties is carried out as required.