Planning for Learning

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Children have a natural curiosity; a need to explore, communicate, create, investigate and learn.  They learn best when they are following their own interests and the adults around them respond sensitively to these interests.

At Hollywood Park NS, the children are central to the planning process.  We continually observe the children in their play and use these observations to plan their ‘next steps and opportunities’.

You, as Parents and Carers, are your children’s first teachers and we want to include you in this planning process.  Each term your child will focus child and a form will be sent home for you to tell us if there are important events happening in your child’s life such as birthdays, holidays.

This means that all staff observe the ‘focus’ children over the week so that evidence can be built up of their interests and the activities they like to do at Nursery.

All of this information is included in your child’s Learning Journey and is a unique reflection of your child’s interests, progress and development during his/her time in the Nursery.

At Hollywood Park NS, we provide experiences/activities which follow the child’s interests, stimulate and structure learning and bring about progression appropriate to each child’s needs and abilities.  Our planning is a continuous cycle and is constantly under review.

Discussion takes place with the whole nursery team.  Weekly forecasts are made which consider a review of the past week, the interests of the children as well as any identified future needs of the children individually or as a group.

A short daily review may alter some of the weekly planning as necessary to cater for children’s immediate needs and interests.

It is the responsibility of the teachers to collate the plans to ensure a balance of provision.

Although the children’s interests are uppermost in our planning process, we also include experiences/activities related to the seasons, relevant celebrations and festivals, life cycles, visitors and visits.

The children also spend time each day with their ‘Key Person’ group.  This group time focuses on developing more specific skills, concepts and knowledge.