Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff at Hollywood Park Nursery School

Headteacher, SENCO and Resource Teacher (QTS):   Catherine Armstrong  

Teacher (QTS):   Elaine MacDonald (3 and 4 year olds)

Senior Nursery Practitioner: Margaret Jones (2 year olds)

Nursery Practitioner: Karen Harrison (3’s and 4 year olds)

Nursery Practitioner:  Denise Garside  (3’s and 4 year olds)

Nursery Practitioner: Carol Hyde   (0.6) (3’s and 4 year olds) 

Nursery Practitioner: Sally Gill  (2 year olds)

Nursery Practitioner: Wendy Gray (o.8) (2 year olds)

Nursery Nurse: Maxine Salt ( 3 and 4 year olds)

Resource Nursery Nurse:  Poornima Mohanakrishnan (0.6) (Resource Base)

Resource Nursery Nurse:  Sue Brown  (Resource Base)

Resource Nursery Nurse:  Kerry Millward (Resource Base)

Resource Nursery Nurse : Mel Lee (0.6) (Resource Base)

Resource Nursery Nurse:  Rabia Saleem (0.6) (Resource Base)

Resource Nursery Nurse:  Janet Greaves (0.6)  (Resource Base)

Resource Teaching Assistant: Michelle Bownas-Topley (Resource Base)

Resource Teaching Assistant: Maya McGlynn (O.5) (Hall)

Teaching Assistant: Kara Wood (0.5) (2 year olds)

Business Manager:  Felicity Wisken (0.6)

Site Supervisor:  David Reay


Hollywood Park Staff List 2019