Hollywood Park Nursery School

Governors Information and Duties

Hollywood Park Nursery School Governors

Chair J.Allerton (term of office  6.11.18-5.11.22)
Vice- Chair R.Bennett (term of office 10.03.2020-09.03.2024)
Headteacher C. Armstrong (term of office n/a)
LEA Governor J.Allerton
Staff Governor S.Garrick
Co-Opted Governors  R. Bennett (term of office 10.03.2020-09.03.2024)

L.Harrison (term of office 16.03.2021- 15.03.2025)

C.Scott (term of office 21.06.2022-20.06.2026)

A-M Bartlett (term of office 21.06.2022- 20.06.2026)

S. Stewart (term of office 15.03.2022-15.03.2026)

Parent Governors K. Curtis (term of office 07.12.2020- 05-12 -2024)


S.Clifford (term office 15.05.2022-15.05.2024)

Associate Governor M.Jones (term of office 20.6.2021 – 19.6.24)

The Governors of Hollywood Park Nursery School meet three times each year.

Declaration of Business Interests

The Governors of Hollywood Park have declared 2 business interest.

Governance roles in other schools

James Allerton is a governor at Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School, Stockport

James Allerton is a governor at St James'  Roman Catholic High School, Stockport

There are two committees covering areas for which the Governors have responsibility:

Resources Committee

Chair: Laura Harrison

Monitors the school budget
Monitors the state of the building
Risk Assessment
Health and Safety
School Asset Management Plan
School Development Plan

Teaching and Learning Committee

Chair: Ros Bennett
Monitors Curriculum
Monitors Reporting to Parents
Performance Review
School Development Plan

Attendance Record of Governors 21-22


Governors Remit and Responsibilities Document Sept 2022


Attendance Record of Governors 2020-21