Hollywood Park Nursery School

Hollywood Park Nursery School Offer

Our ‘School Offer’ below is presented as a series of questions and answers which are designed to give you information about how Special Educational Needs and Disability are supported at Hollywood Park Nursery School. If you need any further information please ask or talk to a member of staff; and remember that we are always here to help.

Our Staff


Hollywood Park Nursery School has well qualified, experienced staff who are very used to working with children with a wide range of needs and differing abilities. The Head Teacher who is also the SENCO/Resourced Teacher has experience in meeting the needs of children with a range of SEND.  The SENCO/Resourced Teacher is trained in the use of PECS, PODD and other communication strategies and all members of staff are Makaton trained and access other relevant training for children with SEND.  Our nursery staff have a high level of expertise in dealing with a range of SEND, built up over a number of years.

Hollywood Park Nursery School is a caring establishment and we work hard to build positive relationships with our families.

Good communication and strong partnership with Parents is achieved through our sensitive approach, daily dialogue and support mechanisms.  For Parents/Carers of children  whose children come with a childminder, we use ‘Home News’ on Development Maps  ensuring on-going communication between home and nursery.

Building a trusting, open and honest relationship is the best thing for the children and we hope that you will feel confident in having that relationship with us.

How accessible is Hollywood Park Nursery School?


  • At Hollywood Park Nursery School, every effort has been made to ensure that the nursery and its grounds are as accessible as possible. There is an Accessibility Plan which is regularly updated to ensure appropriate access for all children;
  • Hollywood Park Nursery School is housed in a large and spacious building allowing children in wheelchairs or with walking frames ease of mobility and manoeuvrability. For those children with physical needs, the large space is beneficial for practicing and developing their physical skills;
  • Other Provision to support Accessibility: Disabled parking bay, disabled toilet facilities, wheelchair access via ramps, Loop Induction System, Resourced room with specialised equipment, fire alarm with sounders and visual strobe.

Universal Offer


  • All children at Hollywood Park Nursery School have access to a carefully planned, high quality and stimulating learning environment both indoors and outdoors which supports their play and exploration appropriate to their individual needs across all the areas of Learning and Development in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum;
  • Our 'Child Led learning, In the Moment' planning approach means that staff respond to children's interests and individual needs;
  • Observations and assessments support the early identification of any children with additional needs.  The Head Teacher/SENCO provide expertise around SEND.  As a Resourced Nursery Provision, all our staff have experience of working with children with a wide range of needs and ability.  Every child has their own Key Person who meets with Parents/Carers to provide regular updates on learning and development.

I think my child has additional needs?

Raising a Concern:  Before my child starts nursery:

  • As soon as your child has been offered a place at our nursery school, we will be in contact with you. There will be a new Parents meeting before the children are admitted. If you have any concerns about your child, these can be shared with your child’s Key Person at this meeting.  Our staff are friendly, caring and approachable and we will listen to, and act upon, your concerns in the strictest confidence;
  • Your child will have a Key Person, who will be your first point of contact. The Key Person will arrange a Home Visit prior to your child starting at nursery when you can talk about any concerns you may have about your child in private.  

Raising a Concern:  Once my child has started nursery:

  • Once your child has started nursery, staff are available at the beginning and end of the day, or you can make an appointment to discuss your concerns. There are also Parent/Key Person meetings throughout the year where your child’s Key Person will discuss your child’s progress and celebrate their achievements with you;
  • At any stage you can make an appointment to see the Head Teacher Catherine Armstrong who is also the SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator). If your child has additional needs, you can be assured that we will support you every step of the way. 
  • Please make contact if you would like to share information, gather some advice or talk things over, we are here to help every child make the best possible progress during their time with us.

How do staff at Hollywood Park Nursery School know when a child needs additional support?


Children are identified as having Special Educational Needs (SEN) in a variety of ways:

  • Through discussions with Parents/Carers, before children start nursery, and at any point throughout the year;
  • If your child has attended a setting prior to coming to our nursery school, that setting will usually share information with us about your child’s progress. This helps us to get to know your child quickly as an individual: it helps us to know your child’s strengths, and the qualities which makes him or her a very special person. It helps us to know what is important to your child so that we can do everything we can to help your child to settle in, and become a happy learner;
  • Through our observations of children playing, interacting and spending time at nursery, staff get to know the children well and plan what we offer around their needs and interests;
  • On-going discussions between staff and Parents/Carers – staff are available every day to discuss the needs of your child;
  • Liaison with external agencies including specialists from the Child Development Unit, Educational Psychology, Speech & Language therapy, Health Visitors, Portage etc;
  • If your child is already seeing any specialist before starting in our nursery school, please share their advice with us as this makes it easier for us to provide the best possible provision for your child.

Support within the nursery

  • We identify the support your child needs by combining information from Parents/Carers and other professionals;
  • After discussion with Parents/Carers your child will have an Individual SEN Support Plan drawn up by the SENCo;
  • Once a concern is noted, your child will be supported by the Key Person/SENCo in the most appropriate way. This could be through LEAP (Language) sessions, Nurture groups, 1-1, using a visual timeline, Makaton, circle time activities;
  • Our SENCo, Catherine Armstrong, oversees the support and progress of any child requiring additional support;
  • All of the staff interact and support all of the children. Our philosophy of learning and teaching is to follow the children’s needs and interests;
  • Children have dedicated group time with their Key Person where they plan activities to support the learning of all the children;
  • Our SENCo will always see Parents/Carers by arrangement.

How will the nursery curriculum be matched to my child's needs?

The nursery curriculum is organised through a child centred approach, which means that the staff think about the individual children’s needs, interests, and progress. These interests are shared via 'My interests' or Learning Stories on Development Maps. 

We have termly meetings to talk about your child's progress.

How can I work with staff to support my child?

  • At Hollywood Park NS, we endeavour to build close relationships with all our families and we will have on-going discussions about how to best to support your child;
  • We will listen to how you support your child at home and take account of this information;
  • We aim to be available to families when needed, especially if your child has complex needs;
  • If your child has a higher level of need, then they may need to be referred for assessment for an Education Health and Care plan. In such cases, you, and everyone working with your child will meet to discuss their progress and you will receive the minutes of these meetings.

How do the staff at Hollywood Park Nursery School know how well my child is doing?

  • Children’s progress is monitored as outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum;
  • At two years of age, we are required to carry out a 2 year progress check to identify the progress your child is making and any areas of concern where additional support may be needed;
  • Nursery staff gather information about the children’s learning continuously and this is added to ‘Development Maps’, our on-line Learning Journal and tracking system. Children’s progress is monitored throughout the year;
  • The Headteacher and teacher closely monitor the tracking system to identify children who may not be making the expected progress. This informs our decision making process regarding the provision we need to make to support your children;
  • All children in the Nursery School are allocated to a ‘Key Person’. The ‘Key Person’ is available at the beginning and end of the nursery day for informal discussions with Parents/Carers;
  • For Parents/Carers of Resourced Provision children who are brought to nursery and collected by School Transport, a Home-School Communication Book is set up to ensure there is an on-going dialogue between home and nursery.
  • Every child has their own Individual Learning Journey which celebrates their achievements, progress and development. Parents/Carers are able to access and contribute to their child’s Learning Journey using the online learning Journal ‘Tapestry’.
  • All children’s progress is monitored at regular intervals during the year and this is also shared with Parents/Carers.
  • Each Resourced Provision child is supported by an Individual Support Plan which identifies their needs and the strategies implemented by the nursery to support their development. The ISP is reviewed and shared with Parents/Carers on a regular basis.  Parent/Carers views are sought and included in the review and evaluation process.
  • Transfer Reviews for Resourced Provision children who are due to transfer to Primary School provision the following September are held in November. A further Transfer Review is held with the receiving school once this placement has been confirmed, usually during the Summer Term.   

How are decisions made about the type and level of support that my child will need?

  • The Key Person, Parents, SENCo and any other professionals will discuss your child’s needs and the support they need;
  • This support is written down in an Individual Support Plan;
  • Different children require different levels of support. We do not believe that a one size fits all approach is appropriate and therefore children’s individual needs are the driver in this process.

How will I know how my child is progressing?

  • Your child’s progress will be reviewed regularly. This may be informally through regular discussion with you, and more formally through review meetings;
  • Following each review the Individual Support Plan will be updated.

How does the nursery support my child's well-being?

  • We are a fully inclusive school;
  • We welcome and celebrate diversity;
  • All staff subscribe to the view that all children should develop a healthy self-image;
  • We have a very caring and understanding team who take very seriously the well-being of our children;
  • Your child’s Key Person is your first point of contact. Each Key Person works with the SENCo for further guidance and support, in fact the whole team work together to ensure the best possible outcome for each child;
  • We may work alongside other agencies such as Health and Social Care and possibly the Early Years Behaviour Support Service to make sure your child’s needs are supported.
  • Staff always listen to their children and encourage them to let us know if they are upset or worrying about anything.

Which services and professionals does Hollywood Park Nursery School liaise with?

  • We believe that services and professionals working together offers the best possible range of options for children’s well being and development;
  • At Hollywood Park NS, staff have built up positive relationships with several agencies including; Health Visitors, Educational Psychologists, Paediatricians, Speech and Language Therapists, Social Care, Early Years Behaviour Support, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists;
  • Following progress review meetings, it may be appropriate for your child to be referred for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) to ensure appropriate support on transfer to Primary School.


We prepare children for the transition for the next stage by:

  • Talking to them about going to school and the schools they will be transferring to;
  • Exchanging records with the Primary Schools, meeting with them and handing over the paperwork which details how we have worked with your child;
  • We welcome Primary School teachers in nursery to visit children before transition;
  • If necessary and appropriate, we arrange additional visits and meetings for your child prior to transition.

Further Information

At Hollywood Park Nursery School we believe that relationships are at the heart of everything which supports children’s learning and development.