Hollywood Park Nursery School

Resourced Provision Offer

Hollywood Park Nursery School: Resourced Provision

Hollywood Park Nursery School is located in the centre of Stockport. The Nursery School is surrounded by light industry and businesses. Children are able to attend Hollywood Park Nursery School from all over Stockport.

The Nursery School offers the 15 hour free entitlement  place on a part week (2 1/2 days) basis or 5 mornings/5 afternoons or 3 days of 5 hours each, if this is more appropriate. We also offer 30 hours access to the Resourced Provision.

Hollywood Park Nursery School is designated as a Resourced Provision, and as such we also offer 8 places for children with a range of complex needs and/or disabilities children who are referred to us by the SEND panel.

The Resourced Provision is additional to the School Offer described on the Hollywood Park Nursery School website.

Frequently asked questions about Hollywood Park Nursery School Resourced Provision

Which children can access the Resourced Provision at Hollywood Park Nursery School?                          

Hollywood Park Nursery School: Resourced Provision is able to offer places for children with mild and complex special needs and disabilities from the age of 2 years to 4 years. The children usually come to the Resourced Provision on an assessment place. During the child’s time in the Resource Provision there will be on-going discussion with Parents/Carers as well as professionals with regards a referral for statutory assessment for an Education, Health and Care Plan to ensure that that the right support is in place when your child moves into Primary education.

How does my child access the Resourced Provision at Hollywood Park Nursery School?

 Our Resourced Provision places are allocated by the Local Authority via the SEND panel.  Visits to the Nursery are welcomed and are usually arranged by the child’s Portage worker. We are often sign posted via other professionals and we are happy to show you around the Resourced Provision as well as the rest of the Nursery School.

What is the Resourced Provision at Hollywood Park Nursery School?

 The Resourced Provision at Hollywood Park Nursery School is for children who have mild and complex special needs and disabilities, who find busier learning environments overwhelming. Children who have a variety of complex needs such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism, sensory processing differences, Global Delay Difficulties, Downs Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Spina Bifida have access(ed) the resource base.

The Resourced Provision at Hollywood Park Nursery School is led by a highly qualified and experienced teacher who is also the SENCO; she has an M.A. in Special Educational Needs and Inclusion and has completed the NASENCO award.

All Staff are welcoming and very experienced and have relevant training to support your child to learn, enjoy and achieve.


Children are taught from the very beginning about boundaries and expectations of behaviour. This is supported through the use of language, gesture, Makaton, Picture resources, Picture Exchange Communication (PECS), Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) communication activity boards, visual timetables and repetition, structure of routines and special activities such as ‘Bucket Group’, which supports the development of attention and listening skills.

The Resourced children are supported within the Resourced base by a team of fully qualified, experienced staff (Resourced Nursery Nurses) who work alongside them, or on a 1-1 or small group basis as required. Each child is allocated to a Key Person- this is the Resource Teacher. The ratio of adults to children is high within the Resourced base- 1 adult to 3 children.

Our Resourced children access the whole nursery environment, both indoors and outdoors.

The children are fully included within the nursery provision and are supported according to their individual needs and access a curriculum that is bespoke to their needs

What are the benefits for my child of attending the Resourced Provision at Hollywood Park Nursery School?

Hollywood Park Nursery School offers a fully inclusive provision for all Resourced children, enabling them to benefit from a variety of role models.
As Hollywood Park Nursery School offers mainstream places for children from across the whole borough of Stockport, as well as places for those with SEND through our Resourced Provision, we are privileged to have children from a wide range of backgrounds and differing abilities who offer a diversity of role models.

This is seen as a positive facet of our provision for both Resourced and mainstream children; as it supports all our children in developing their understanding of the needs of others, tolerance and respect for others. Each Resourced child accesses provision and support appropriate to their individual needs.

The Head Teacher is also the Resourced Teacher/SENDCO and has experience in meeting the needs of children with a range of SEND.

The nursery staff also have a high level of expertise in dealing with a range of SEND, built up over a number of years.

The Resourced Teacher/SENDCO is trained in the use of PECS, PODD and other communication stategies and all staff are Makaton trained and access other relevant training for children with SEND. As a consequence of this, provision and support for children with ASC, and speech and language difficulties is a strength. The nursery uses a TOTAL COMMUNICATION APPROACH.

Hollywood Park Nursery School is housed in a large and spacious building allowing children in wheelchairs or with walking frames ease of mobility and manoeuvrability.

For those children with physical needs, the large space is beneficial for practising and developing their physical skills

All Resourced children have access to a carefully planned, high quality, stimulating learning environment both indoors and outdoors which supports their play and exploration across all areas of Learning and Development appropriate to their individual needs.

Good communication and strong partnership with Parents is achieved through our sensitive approach, daily dialogue and support mechanisms.

Do you have any special facilities or resources?

Hollywood Park Nursery School is accessible for those in wheelchairs and with walking frames via a concrete ramp at the main entrance and a concrete ramp from the indoor to the outdoor area.

There is a disabled toilet and foot activated changing table. The Nursery School also has a portable loop induction system and in the staff room there is a fixed induction loop system.

Our Nursery School has a dedicated Resourced Provision room and Therapy Room.


The Resource Provision Base is a small classroom which has all the areas that you might find in a nursery, the organisation of the Resourced provision allows for the room never to be busy, which turn allows the children to remain calm and importantly not be overwhelmed. There is always a teacher based in the Resourced Provision, 3 days –SENCO/Headteacher and 2 days teacher who leads on Forest School for the SEND children.



The Therapy Room allows for therapies and specifically taught attention and listening ‘bucket groups.’  It also includes specialist resources and equipment.

  • As a ‘calming area’
  • For external professionals working with children
  • A small ‘light house’
  • A variety of light stimuli
  • Large mats
  • Large wheel
  • Soft play shapes
  • PECS bags
  • A range of language resources
  • Vibrating cushions and tubes
  • Weighted jackets
  • Montessori equipment

The Resourced Provision currently has a large swing for OT stimulus, on loan from the Children’s Development Unit.


The children access daily attention and listening groups and food therapy groups in a low distraction free environment.  Throughout the day the children are supported using a Total Communication Approach, following the advice from Speech and Language. We have a therapy room where physio, SALT interventions are delivered and a base room which is not overwhelming for the children. The organisation of the day allows the children to access both rooms in small groups which supports their co and self –regulation and that they remain calm to learn. The children have weekly Forest School Sessions led by a teacher.

What specialist services or expertise do you access?

Hollywood Park Nursery School works very  closely with a range of outside professionals who come to the nursery such as  Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Educational Psychologist. They work 1:1 with our child and provide therapy programmes and reports for your child’s key-person as well as you as parents and carers to follow. Once your child has started and settled into nursery a meeting will be arranged so that all of the professionals involved and yourselves can meet and share information.


Professionals currently supporting Resourced Provision children include:

  • Occupational Therapists

The nursery receives input from Occupational Therapists on a regular basis.  They observe and work with the children and demonstrate strategies to be used with children according to their individual needs;

  • Sensory Impaired Service team

The nursery is supported by the Sensory Impaired Service for children who have visual and hearing needs.

  • Speech and Language Therapists

The Nursery School has input from speech and language therapists.  They supports children and liaises with staff, advising on SALT programme implementation;

  • Educational Psychologist

The Educational Psychologist supports the work of the Resourced Provision in addition to the main Nursery School.  She visits at least once every half term to discuss, observe or assess the children.  She meets with Parents/Carers and attends relevant Transfer Review meetings.  She also writes reports if Statutory Assessment is agreed;

  • Epilepsy Nurse

Training on epilepsy has been delivered to staff by the Epilepsy Nurse so that staff are able to support the needs of a child currently attending our provision;;

  • Health Visitors

The Nursery School has strong links with Health Visitors involved with any of our children in the Resourced Provision;

  • Social Workers

The Nursery School has strong links with Social Care and Social Workers involved with any of our children in the Resourced Provision;

  • Physiotherapists

Resourced children have received regular input and support from the physiotherapists if there is a need.

How do I know how well my child is doing?

All children in the Nursery School are allocated to a ‘Key Person’. The ‘Key Person’ is available at the beginning and end of the nursery day for informal discussions with Parents/Carers.

Every child has their own Individual Learning Journey which celebrates their achievements, progress and development. Parents/Carers are able to access and contribute to their child’s Learning Journey using the online learning Journal ‘Development Maps’.

All children’s progress is monitored and tracked at regular intervals during the year and this is also shared with Parents/Carers.

Each Resourced Provision child is supported by an Individual Support Plan (ISP) which identifies their needs and the strategies implemented by the nursery to support their development.

The ISP is reviewed and shared with Parents/Carers on a regular basis. Parent/Carers views are sought and included in the review and evaluation process.

Transfer Reviews for Resourced Provision children who are due to transfer to Primary School provision the following September are held in November. A further Transfer Review is held with the receiving school once this placement has been confirmed, usually during the Summer Term.

For Resourced Provision children who arrive at Nursery with an EHC Plan will have an annual statutory review where the child’s developing needs and support will be discussed.

Parents View

“The resourced nursery environment is far more suitable be to meet my child’s needs. The expertise that the staff have in the resourced nursery cannot be matched in a mainstream nursery. In the mainstream nursery the child’s key worker might go for training to help them understand and meet the child’s needs but if that staff member is absent , the expertise is also absent.

You worry as a parent that your child won’t be fully included in a mainstream environment. You worry that they will be the only child who is left excluded during playtime’s. You worry that the nursery will see your child as a drain on resources. You worry about other parents seeing your child as a negative influence or a distraction in the class. You worry that you will be judged by other parents and maybe even staff as they don’t understand your child’s needs or the reason why you do certain things as the parent of your child. You will you are failing because your child is the only one who isn’t able to do the things that the other children can.

I did look around a mainstream nursery prior to contacting Hollywood nursery. I knew my child needed to be in a nursery with age related peers and that he needed the social interaction but it was a truly awful experience. My child was barging from room to room, pushing over door barriers,
Almost trampling babies in the process. The whole environment was not suitable to manage my child’s needs. The nursery were happy to enrol him but I could see that this was not somewhere I could feel happy leaving my child on a daily basis.

I felt massive relief when you said there was a place available in the resource base. When we visited for the settling in session I could see that the staff had the knowledge and skills needed to meet my child’s needs and that there was other children of similar age and similar learning ability to them. It’s really difficult to explain how much easier that makes leaving him every day. Knowing that both me and my child will not be judged or left feeling isolated.”

Who do I contact if I want further information or would like to visit Hollywood Park Nursery School Resourced Provision?

If you would like further information or would like to make an appointment to visit the Resourced Nursery Provision, please contact either:

Catherine Armstrong: Headteacher Resourced Teacher and SENCo

on 0161 480 3913

Catherine is very happy to meet with you to show you around the nursery and talk about your child and how h/she can be supported through our Resourced Provision.

Or you can contact Stockport LA on 0161 474 2525 and the Stockport Local Offer for specific questions, such as access to Transport Policy