Hollywood Park Nursery School

Three and four year olds

At Hollywood Park Nursery School, children enjoy a range of child initiated play based learning alongside adult guided learning. Each child's learning is unique and our three and four year old team led by a QTS teacher, support learning both indoors and outdoors.


Key person

Your child will have a key person who will help to settle them and be their 'special person' during their time in the three and four year old room, in addition to this the whole team in the three and four year old's room will support your child. We pride ourselves on our relationships with parents and we will be there for you too! 

Working in partnership with parents

You are your child's first educator and we value your input into your child's learning. We encourage you to share with your child's key person and significant events and interests in your child's life, which we can celebrate and extend and include into our daily planning. You can do this by adding WOW moments and, photos and home news to your child's Development Map account.